“My sculptural work is a return to my roots. All my undergraduate work was glass sculpture created from my own hand-built plaster silica blow molds. Having my Solinglass work limited to the vessel form for so many years, I began to develop a series of purely sculptural pieces once again, allowing myself more freedom to experiment with form, size, technique, and personal expression. The approach for some of these pieces has been entirely different from my previous work, with more time spent in the process of creating an initial sculpture in clay, from which my final glass piece is created. Working first in clay gives me a window of creative time and a degree of control that hot glass doesn't offer. The sculptural work also allows me more freedom to focus on my compositional coloration process; to paint with glass on a three dimensional canvas.”
Maglione, 18.5 x 9.5 x 5 in
Hand-shaped glass off the pipe, on a horizontal axis.  Intense, bold coloration achieved by using cane and rod; sculpturally manipulated front adds a layer of depth. Cut and polished.